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Over time, the mission of the information technology (IT) organization has evolved. In the past, IT's main goal was to support the business by efficiently managing systems, improving service levels to users and driving costs out of operations. Today, there is the added element of advancing the business-adding value by developing flexible capabilities to support growth, automating business processes, or facilitating mergers and acquisitions-where success is measured by how effectively IT can help the business seize opportunities and respond to new challenges.

In some organizations, expectations are higher still. Chief information officers (CIOs) are increasingly expected to innovate-adopting new technologies to maintain or grow market share, reduce business costs and drive business profitability. While a certain amount of innovation is required in virtually every industry, for some, it's a matter of survival. In these industries, IT must differentiate the business by supporting new business models or creating new products or services through innovative solutions, this is what we call Business Technology.

With an expanded set of goals, CIO's must balance the equation among efficiency, effectiveness and innovation to achieve Business-Technology (BT) Harmonization.

Xedis can help you envision, plan and execute your journey to achieve BT Harmonization. Achieving BT Harmonization will improve control, enhance processes and better align IT with business goals and priorities by improving your organizational maturity.

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